Accountancy Services

TML Accounting Services for Limited Companies
Annual Returns

Every business has a statutory obligation to produce accounts annually for Companies House and HMRC.

Keeping tax liability to a minimum and planning expenditure under Capital Allowance Schemes helps you reinvest in your business to ensure you continue to develop and grow and to remain competitive in your own marketplace.

By working alongside you, we make this process streamline and relevant and, in effect, provide an integrated financial service to support your business.

Management Accounts

Management Accounts keep track of how your business is performing and highlight areas that may require adjustment to make your business more profitable and cost efficient. Analysing items such as net profit and return on investment ensures you are heading where you want to go - you stay in control, are proactive and ready to adapt to change instantly.

We explain and discuss the figures at every step of the process so that the information is useful to you enabling implementation and integration into your business plan.

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TML Accounting Services for Company Directors

As a director, you will want to ensure you are as tax efficient as possible.

There are optimum amounts to be paid as a Director along with the payment of Dividends to further maximise tax allowances.

We process your director salary for you, issue Dividend Certificates and complete your Self Assessment annually. You don't have to do a thing!

TML Accounting Services for Partnerships and Sole Traders


Whilst partnerships are undoubtably less onerous in terms of reporting than limited companies, they are none the less complex in terms of accurate reporting to HMRC to protect both the partnership and the individuals within it.

We carry out full calculation and assessment of the partnership profits according to the Partnership Agreement in place. The figures are then used for the completion of the individual Self Assessment Returns.

Capital Allowances are utilised together with
advice provided to ensure tax efficiency is gained
at all times.

As your representative, we handle any enquiries
and issues with HMRC directly saving you both the time and stress!

Sole Traders

Most sole traders are stretched! We take some of
the burden from you by handling your Self Assessment Returns, dealing with problems and enquiries with HMRC, calculating your expected income tax and submitting returns.

Primarily, we look to ensure all tax and capital allowances are utilised to ensure you remain
efficient and profitable.

If we handle your books, Self Assessment is a seamless exercise!

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